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Top Best .EDU online authorized universities أفضل و أقوى مواقع الجامعات المعترف بها على النت تدريس

Discussion in 'Useful Sites' started by mannan, 11/8/14.

  1. mannan

    mannan Administrator Staff Member



    الحمد لله والصلاة والسلام على رسول الله وعلى آله وصحبه أجمعين

    Top Best .EDU online authorized universities

    أفضل و أقوى مواقع الجامعات المعترف بها على النت تدريس عن بعد

    كثيرة هي مواقع الجامعات التي تؤمن تحصيلاً علمياً دراسياً على النت

    و لكن طبعاً معظمها غير معترف به

    و هي عبارة عن دكاكين للشهادات فقط أو طواحين شهادات

    طاحونة شهادات certification mill

    و هي لا تساوي الورق و الحبر الذي كتبت به

    أهم ما يميز الجامعات المعترف بها هو إحتواء الدومين على اللاحقة

    دوت إديو .EDU و بدونها تعرف أن الموقع هو ليس لجامعة معترف بها

    و خصوصاً مواقع الدوت كوم .COM و الدوت نت .NET فهي عملياً شركات و

    ليست مؤسسات تعليمية مرموقة و معترف بها

    To know the university is Authorized quickly just take a look at the domain

    it should ends with .EDU or else this domain is not for a recognized university



    tel:1-800-233-2137 = 1-800-233-2137

    Agribusiness, BS
    Communicative Disorders, 2nd BS
    Communicative Disorders & Deaf Education, BS
    Economics, BS
    Family Life Studies, BS
    Interdisciplinary Studies, BS
    Liberal Arts, BA
    Psychology, BS
    Agricultural Systems Technology, MS
    Career & Technical Education, MEd
    English–Technical Writing, MS
    Instructional Technology & Learning Sciences,
    Natural Resources, MNR
    General Studies - Associate's
    Deafblindness - Preservice Training - Certificate
    Women & Gender Studies - Certificate
    Anthropology - Minor
    History - Minor
    Sociology - Minor
    Spanish - Minor
    Elementary Mathematics Teachers Academy
    Chemistry - Professional Education Endorsements
    Reading (Online) - Professional Education Endorsements
    Administrative Supervisory Concentration
    Professional Education Licensure



    tel:260-481-4739 = 260-481-4739 IPFW

    Online students complete their degree by taking
    undergraduate online learning courses
    three areas of learning:

    arts and humanities
    social and behavioral sciences
    mathematics and natural sciences



    (617) 495-4024

    Pursue a Harvard part-time degree through a combination of online and
    on-campus courses in our undergraduate and graduate programs.
    Or pursue studies in our premedical program.




    Online bachelor’s degree programs

    offer almost all of our bachelor’s degree programs online,
    so you can get the education you need from the
    familiarity of your computer keyboard and monitor.
    With learning tools that adapt to you



    tel:515.294.4111 = 515.294.4111 = tel 515 294-1889 = 515 294-1889

    Degrees & Programs

    Iowa State University offers a number of online degrees and programs.

    Choose a college/area of study.



    Professional Development



    tel:1-800-726-1724 = 1-800-726-1724

    Reimagine Education image

    NDSU Distance and Continuing Education offers accredited online degrees
    as well as blended learning degree programs.

    online undergraduate degrees,
    online master's degrees,
    online graduate certificate programs.



    866 KAPLAN U

    Transform your personal commitment into a plan of action.

    School of Social and Behavioral Sciences

    offer a wide breadth of academic programs designed to support career
    paths that make a difference in the development and support of individuals,
    populations, and groups, ensure public safety and provision of social services
    within communities, and lead and support legal efforts and
    policy-oriented processes within society.



    tel:800-667-1465 = 800-667-1465 | tel:541-737-9204 = 541-737-9204

    Oregon State University offers online undergraduate programs
    through OSU Ecampus in the following subjects:

    Agricultural sciences
    Computer science (special post-bacc program)
    Environmental economics and policy
    Environmental sciences
    Fisheries and wildlife sciences
    Human development and family sciences
    Liberal studies
    Natural resources
    Political science
    Sustainability double-degree program
    Women, gender and sexuality studies



    tel:480-965-7788 = 480-965-7788 | tel:480-965-3355 = 480-965-3355 | tel:480-884-1906 = 480-884-1906

    Online Degree Programs
    Undergraduate Online Degree Programs
    Graduate Online Degree Programs
    Online Certification Programs



    99164-5220, tel:800-222-4978 = 800-222-4978
    tel:509-335-3557 = 509-335-3557

    You take education
    seriously . . .
    We work for you

    a public non-profit university guided by our 1890 land-grant mission

    Pride and prestige

    many awards and accreditations.

    The Cougar Community

    WSU Online provides personal academic assistance,
    a worldwide alumni network—and access to our unique Global
    Connections program, which offers extra-curricular campus experiences.



    tel: 352 392-3261 = 352 392-3261

    Online Degree Programs

    DL Globe Image

    The University of Florida offers both undergraduate and graduate degrees
    via distance and online learning. These degree programs require
    formal admission to the University of Florida. Applicants must
    meet UF's general admission requirements, as well as those
    specified by the individual degree program.




    tel:+44 845 241 6555 = +44 845 241 6555

    Degrees and courses for international students

    BA (Honours) Business Studies
    BA (Honours) Leadership and Management
    Open Degrees
    BSc (Honours) Computing & IT and Business
    BSc (Honours) Computing and IT
    Bachelor of Engineering Honours
    BSc (Honours) Environmental Management and Technology
    BA (Honours) Language Studies
    BSc (Honours) Mathematics
    BSc (Honours) Natural Sciences
    BSc (Honours) Environmental Science



    tel:800-252-3592 = 800-252-3592 | tel:814-865-5403 = 814-865-5403

    Penn State online
    convenient, flexible, quality
    passionate, driven, achievers
    world-renowned faculty
    caring, dedicated



    tel:1-866-225-5948 = 1-866-225-5948

    Online degree programs designed for busy adults

    Western Governors University is a nonprofit online university offering
    you a convenient, flexible education online
    WGU Online Teachers College
    Online College of Business
    Online Post-Baccalaureate Teacher Licensure Programs
    Online College of Information Technology
    Online Master in Education with Teacher Licensure Programs
    Online College of Health Professions
    Online Graduate Programs for Licensed Teachers



    tel: 626 264-8880 = 626 264-8880

    Free Online Degree Concept

    "Education, just like democracy, should be a right, not a privilege”

    Shai Reshef

    University of the People provides tuition-free online
    education to individuals around the world.


    http://onlinedegree.pcu.edu/?source=google&keyword=engineering degrees online

    tel:1-844-PCU-3380 = 1-844-PCU-3380

    Paramount California University’s online degree programs

    في أمان الله !


  2. mannan

    mannan Administrator Staff Member

    رد: Top Best .EDU online authurized univirsities أفضل و أقوى مواقع الجامعات المعترف بها على النت تدريس عن بعد



    1 212 229-5432

    The New School
    Online Programs
    Online Degree Programs

    BA/BS in Liberal Arts at The New School for Public Engagement NSPE
    AAS in Fashion Marketing at Parsons
    AAS in Graphic Design at Parsons
    MS in Media Management at NSPE
    MA in Media Studies at NSPE
    MS in Strategic Design and Management at Parsons
    MA in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (MA TESOL) at NSPE
    Online Certificate Programs

    Fashion Business at Parsons — non-credit only
    Graphic and Digital Design at Parsons — non-credit only
    Screenwriting at NSPE — undergraduate certificate
    Business of Design at Parsons — graduate certificate
    Media Management at NSPE — graduate certificate



    US: 1-866-BERKLEE
    Int : +1-617-747-2146

    Berklee Online's bachelor degree program : affordable and flexible
    Berklee College of Music.



    503 725-3822

    Online Degree
    CLAS offers a number of online courses from departments throughout the College.
    offer three majors and two minors that can be completed with online courses.
    The Majors are Arts and Letters, Social Science and Liberal Studies.
    The minors are Sociology and Women's Studies.
    These online majors and minors are geared toward students who have completed
    their lower division general education requirements.



    888 MSU-CATS or 406 994-2452

    Online Degree and Certificate Programs

    Undergraduate Degrees
    Undergraduate Minors
    Graduate Certificates
    Graduate Degrees
    Professional Development Courses



    888-883-0218 or 617-358-1960

    Boston University Online graduate degree programs
    Master’s Degrees
    Doctoral Degrees




    Online Degree Programs
    Bachelor's Degree Programs
    (varies by program)
    Master's Degree Programs



    212 998-7100 | 212 998-7200 | 212 998-4500

    Graduate Programs Online
    Graduate Degrees
    M.S. in Human Resource Management and Development
    M.S. in Management and Systems
    M.S. in Professional Writing
    M.S. in Translation
    Graduate Certificates
    Benefits and Compensation
    Core Business Competencies
    Enterprise Risk Management
    Human Resource Management
    Information Technologies
    Organizational and Executive Coaching
    Real Estate
    Strategy and Leadership

    Undergraduate Online Offerings at the McGhee Division

    في أمان الله !



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