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correct answers for Natural Gas Quiz

Discussion in 'Useful Sites' started by mannan, 5/10/13.

  1. mannan

    mannan Administrator Staff Member


    correct answers for Natural Gas Quiz



    #1 Over one-half of the total U.S. capacity for
    hydroelectric power generation is concentrated
    in California and what 2 states?

    The correct answer is: Washington and Oregon

    #2 According to the U.S. Energy Star program,
    how much electricity does a compact fluorescent
    light bulb use compared to a regular
    incandescent light bulb?

    The correct answer is: 25%

    #3 How much of Japan’s natural gas comes
    from liquefied natural gas (LNG)?

    The correct answer is: 97%

    #4 What popular beverage is incidentally
    made during the ethanol production process?

    The correct answer is: Beer

    #5 Which energy source has a problem with
    “shadow flicker”?

    The correct answer is: Wind

    #6 Although duct tape can be used to seal
    energy leaks in a home, what common household
    item should not be sealed by duct tape?

    The correct answer is: Heating and air conditioning ducts



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