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Alexa Toolbar community download تحميل تولبار أليكسا الجميل الخاص بموقع MaryFi

Discussion in 'MaryFi' started by mannan, 18/6/13.

  1. mannan

    mannan Administrator Staff Member



    MaryFi Alexa Toolbar community


    هذا التول بار مقدم من موقع أليكسا الشهير


    متوافق مع كافة المتصفحات


    Maryfi is a free and easy to use software
    router for Windows 7 computers.
    With Maryfi, users can wirelessly share
    any Internet connection

    Toolbars are NOT compatible with Chrome

    (Windows only)

    only compatible with Firefox and IE6 through IE9


    FREE. Installs in seconds


    Toolbars are compatible with , Firefox and IE6 through IE9


    في أمان الله !



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